I got my early birthday Present. Thanks on my bro because treat me this, although it a bit awkward to give this as a present –_- D-link DNS-320


List what I brought at Lowyat on the Sunday, exclude the brush and the plug extension


Network Attachment Storage (NAS) in action.
To be clearly what does NAS do, here is the short explanation. NAS act like small file server, so I dont have to store file in PC,then need to be on 24/7 and require a lot of power. So NAS is like small file server (:


unboxing NAS


Since there is no HDD include, I throw my 2 X WD Blue 500GB and set it for RAID 1 . I wanted to set it only RAID 0 or standard settings, but both HDD are in difference manufacture date. I scared should one the them fail, I presume it will have backup. Maybe i let it running for , maybe next 3 month.


So here are my destop set up with NAS (:

Performance wise, this NAS transfer rate is around 6-8 MB/s. Quite okay compare if you transfer using old scrub pc, or maybe because I set it as RAID 0. I can stream picture/song directly from my pc to NAS and vice versa.


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so here is the interface. Smile good news, you can set torrent here, download/upload , and also set it as a UPNP server

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