Another money to be waste.

My second final item to be waste on technology item. After a long thinking, I made a decision to upgrade my existing Power Supply Unit(PSU) and cooling system.

Reason why I’m upgrading these item?Here

PSU = Because the current one (which is Tahan Dual Series 700W) is aging. I dont want to risk my rig on aging psu. Furthermore, my psu already expose to water, haha. For some reason,that psu still alive and kicking. Another reason is because it’s not MODULAR and the wire a mess and long.

CPU cooler = I dont why Intel give core i7 user a really thin cooling system. Using a fan and slightly aluminium base cooling. My CPU temperature reading was 40C-46C on idle. That really worried me.

 DSC_2524 DSC_2532Intel problem, giving the customer running core i7 on cheap look alike cooling system

lalala~~~ Asus rule

Purchase with purchase item. DSC_2534
Cooler Master ExtraFlow. Buy it for my casing. because want to replace my existing chassis fan that waiting to  be move to trash bin.

Please ignore the price


Corsair HX650W. Modular PSU, 80+ Silver power efficiency .

Preview at the back on box

Opening Box. Look, Manual xD

Bag full of Modular cable

PSU specification on top of PSU. Great solid black painting .

Gonna love this xD

Next item is this…

Corsair H80 Liquid CPU Cooler ( as state on the box^^)

Back on the box

Hmmm….. I wonder why….


Overall of the H80 Cooling set. Consist of Radiator, cooling and two 120mm size fan

The Radiator. Big same as my bare hand, kah kah

The middle can be press to switch between Quite, normal and High Performance mode. lalala

2 120mm fan. Responsible to too cold the radiator.


I will post another sotry when my setup is back in business, again, haha

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