Journey to Damansara…

feeling bored when almost 5 day staying at home without going anywhere ,right?
for god sake…it better school rather staying at home…
so..we go to Ikea,Ikano n melengkung(The Curve)

I’m not going into Ikea…you know..journey inside Ikea showroom take
almost 2 Hour in there…
aaaa…no..no..no.. im not going inside…
so me n my bro go another mall(Ikano…)
go visit some shop…just ‘windows shopping’..
but nothing less.. shopping at KL are better then here…
in mean time…I saw many ‘private’student there…
yup..they not holiday same like us.. how wonder there happy schooling 😀

(silimar to Pet wonderland..many animals inside..but camera not allowed..)

(view from The Street, The Curve)


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