Been awhile since I didn’t post anything here. Nothing new, just improvement this and that. haha.DSC_4292
Last week, if was not mistake, i tried to made some changes of the internet cable inside my home. As you can see, the router and switch is now place in between. The position of router also change to upper place.

Here, the overview look. It may look messier, but hey, its pretty awesome for me,haha.

This week, I received email from Microsoft Certified Program tells that my cert is ready to be download or printed. I choose both. haha . I also ordered my wallet card, to hide my existing student card –_-

Cert that may not so cool

And the wallet card (just like the ID card)


Also happen this week, I printed the ccent/icnd 1 book. It’s really cool when you read it on the paper, not from the ipad –_-

ou rencontrer un homme cultive
Last but not least, new plan for my ipad. Before this, I spend RM 60 for 3GB quote. But I just use around 400MB every month, what a waste. So I migrate to this plan, cost me around RM 30 per month with 500MB ..hmm, its pretty a good deal

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