Its monday morning. Recently, someone at my campus advertise his SSD that just came back from RMA to be sold. Nego a bit with the seller and I got Corsair SSD Force 3 60GB for only RM 160. it’s a good deal(but I need to eat sand for a month ._. )

I intended to make it as the cache only and not for system drive because SSD has a drawback where the performance will decrease over the time if too much write.

Now I present the SSD (with rma sticker –_- )

With solid box and cheapskate contain


Back of the box


SSD inside my pc.

As for now, the ssd are not yet working. Currently I re-install the with in RAID mode to actived Intel RST (Smart Response Technology.)

Good pizza is good

Premium Quality toppings, omnomnomnom

Oh yeshhhh

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