Yesterday dinner, at That Little Gerai.

Very nice location, been here 2 times. But last night, I went during raining day. On top of the table, there’s a candle light. haha, feel light candle light dinner


Mushroom soup.forgot the exact name. Yup, home mande and not the canned soup. nom nom nom

Sirloin Steak, With BBQ sauce, hahaha. What makes this so special that this meat has been pre cut, so you can easily enjoy your mean without need to cut cut cut, wasted time cut cut cut –_-

Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce (:


Been asked to try-out the new menu, the Chicken Parmesan. Sweet mother of lagsana topping and macaroni on below. wow, nom nom nom

The price consider medium expensive but still better that twilight, ehh, reasonable.


Going here? haha, set your GPS to 3.203044, 101.750272 and you ready to fill up your stomach. Just, dont forget to bring your wallet also xD

2 thoughts on “27/11/12

  1. Aidy Adnan

    Thanks for stopping at the Gerai. Hope that everything was up to par.

    Anyway was looking at your pictures (they’re nice) and I thot maybe if I can use one of them..the parmesan if you don’t mind. Just to post it on FB.

    Chef Aidy


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