expected delay on my blog. Yeah I dont even know what I’m doing until I didn;t have time update this blogsite har har xD

Meet him. He’s located on equipment rack room. He has plenty of wire, things connected and blablabla. I don’t know what I’ talking about. haha. Located at 24th floor. Weirdest thing is, the room are not locked, so like. hey, I can even inject something, hahaha


GroupBase Chicken Chop. Plenty of Coleslaw, but pretty delicious, nom nom nom

This is book, and book is book. I search around the internet, looking around if there’s PDF version, but wallah, I found it on my campus library xD


This is what I’m doing recently. Doing some sort called packet analysis using Colasoft Capsa. Yeah, I’m doing nothing expect completing my report and didn’t have to come for lab anymore~

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