Cherating Bayview Resort Review


Another view for place to stay, haha.

I went to this Cherating Bayview Resort on Mya 26th to May 28th 2013. I went with 3 others family, makes round 20 person travelling together.


Cherating Bayview Resort located at the end on the Cherating beach. This place are kinda easy to spot, as it’s near GRAVE, yes, GRAVE. But dont worry, I not encounter any supernatural here. Pure Garcinia Cambogia everywhere.

Entrance to the resort.

Well, its not soo called resort. Because it take of refrigerator and  very,freaking slow water pressure. I post up some picture first.


Game centre, but not so called centre


BBQ pit, yeah, You can fire up your own bbq here. Just bring your bbq stuff and food and charcoal and… your patient


Cherating Bayview Resort also had their own brick house (the old one are wood with brick bathroom attachment) I think this better if you travel in small of family

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Beach View. If your room located near beach, well here’s the view. Quite nice through.


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A walk way


Yes, this is guard post. GUARD post. Usually empty and during night, there’s someone guarding, but he never crawl, just sleeping. If you wanna go outside using your car, you need to wake up the guard as he close the gate. Lame.


Swimming pool. Pretty decent.

Car park

Another chalet over there. Can insert up to 8 person per room

Chalet view in front of beach


Beach view from the chalet.


What’s good here

  • Nice beach view
  • seems privacy beach and pool
  • nice environment
  • Malaysia telco, Digi and Celcom, confirm there’s 3G connection here.


What’s not

  • Really lame staff. Come on guys, staff are really not helpful. Their staff also don;t know what they doing. If you ask something, there will said, “err I dont know lah” yeah, better your do your homework before come here
  • Slow Water Pressure. Imagine your urine is much faster that the water heater water.
  • There’s mouse over the roof. If you stay at room 1-5, trust men , you will hear something above your rooftop
  • no refrigerator
  • bad tv reception
  • no wifi
  • the Air condition is kinda old, so expecting some time to let your room cold

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