Hello and welcome back

This is my upcoming shoe. I didn’t use it until Hari Raya 2013.

Newly brought at JPO. The reason why I go over there because , of course there had my size. Second price reduction. aha, it’s a bit hard to find my size at KL.

Puma Trinomic Trail Lo


I love the pink strip, however the while could get dirty easily .

And this is my 1st Puma shoe, so I a bit exited with it’s comfort, unlike my previous Adidas shoe. I also own Reekbok shoe, which really comfy compare to my 1st Adidas shoe that I brought at JPO. I wear the Reekbok for my class shoe.

Found this is the material made.

And I love the colour as well ^_^

Also I own this shoe. It was not my shoe eventually, but my bro give me as he got his new shoes. So the volunteering donate this shoe.
Considering this shoe as court shoe, its really comfy as is. When I wear it, my feet doesn’t feel painful even after hours. Really like it, and I forget the shoes name.

This is the shoes I talking about. I DO love it, but just it lack of comfy. My feet feel a bit pain if wear for extended period. However, this shoe is light and the colour are soo attractive, minus the dirt gets easily.


That’s all for shoe story today, haha.

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