Recently, My Asus RT-N16 of out of order. I send it for RMA and received Asus RT-n56U as replacement, yay.

This is the current network setup at my home;

Oh ya, during RMA period, I brought RouterBoard Mikrotik router as replacement and also to serve as backup router in case the RMA progress are faster. Unfortunately, takes 20 days.

So I still using Mikrotik as primary router, but the Asus serve as AP since Asus equip with dual-band wifi, 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Mikrotik will handle all routing task, while Asus handle all wireless access,so the Mikrotik can focus on routing. While the switches, D-link focus to distribute all wired access inside my home. Currently serve more than 5 client including home plug.

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