I slep early last night, due to mind tiredness. Haha. Sitting in front of computer is freaking tired okay.

Okay, lets straight to the point. Since i sleep early, I encounter a slightly strange dream. Its not very scary or creepy or strange, but it leave me a question. Why?
Okay here’s a dream.
I riding my motorcycle, at night and it was on city side. Suddenly my dream feels like stopped and I already on the roadside. I heard an ambulans siren and dream stopped(just like blank) then I feel being carried by ER team, to the ambulans. The ambulans quickly move. I realise that my hand has been needle in with water(just like normal patient), masked with oxygen support , but i can barely see staff inside. Maybe I was in critical condition. And again, blank.
I feel just like real since I feel the sleepiness in my dream. Then I woke up, and saw much of wound on my both hand and legs. But the day, I was discharge from hospital. All my family is here. Then I asked my mum, how do I accident, my mum didnt answer. But she said she waNted to call me because it already midnight. Then she said an Indonesian told that I was accident. Where? I also didnt know. And I asked how was my motocycle? My bro said the motor is fine, he took it after the accident. Then the dream is over…. Just like that, because i was woke up, before the alarm clock.

This morning i had been.thinking. what the earth my dream is all about? Its only a dream or maybe a message? Or just a reminder so that I would careful while riding?

Question remain unanswered…..hmm

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