1st week of semester break is over and yet, I still find out whether my holiday is so productive or not.
Most of the task that I wanted to do is completed, such as changing aircond filter, mop both floor of houses and sleeping in middle of day.

And yea, I just opened a BSN saving account, yes another saving account just for sake to get the new Visa Paywave card. Actually I can walk in to Maybank and convert my existing card to debit with Paywave. Unfortunately, the maybank debit didn’t have no no credit option or any cash back features and ugly.
RM 50 and yeah, I got 5 in 1 function card. ATM,Debit,Paywave,Touch n Go, PlusMile and Bcard.
I impress with BSN initiative to merge into single card. But the Paywave with touch n go, with both using rfid? Might not a good choice, but hey… They already do a case study before me.

I never use the Paywave function but I will one day, to see whether it convenient or nahh…

And that’s the 1st week of semester break happen 😀

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