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Photo 9-7-15, 4 38 23 PM
Went to Lowyat with Afwan to find some usbto serial converter and also, A brand new SSD
Photo 9-8-15, 10 58 06 AM
I actually really fucked up ¬†with Kingston SSD, since the old model uses SandForce Controller. But this time Kingston release their new SSd model with new controller,¬†Phison’s.

Photo 9-8-15, 10 58 24 AM
The packaging is premium a-like. I purchase the SSD only

Photo 9-8-15, 11 02 02 AM
There’s SSD itself, 7.5 to 9mm, screw, 2.5 to 3.5 plate, a warranty statement, disk clone software and the sticker itself

Photo 9-8-15, 11 08 18 AM
SSD is ready to be inserted into the PC

So this is the result of the speedtest ( sorry for crappy photo)

Photo 9-8-15, 11 53 32 PM

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