Let the Mid term break…Begin

Photo 10-4-15, 8 58 09 AM
Replacing my Shogun clutch plate and spring. Had to minor overhaul the engine part.

Photo 10-8-15, 8 01 19 AM
Normal speed for downloading since I upgrade to 50mbps ;D

Photo 10-10-15, 1 06 20 PM
Purchase this so make easy for screw item

Photo 10-13-15, 4 41 16 PM
The new shell Engine oil. The price is increase btw.

Photo 10-13-15, 10 24 24 AM
My local cellular speedtest. Hmmm beat my home internet I guess

Photo 10-17-15, 1 36 47 PM
Fish n Co food. Menu Creamy fettuccine with prawn

computer kennenlernen grundschule
What a cute bean bag at Living depot

Photo 10-18-15, 9 50 12 AM
And lastly the Nasi Berlauk. mmmmmmm

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