I cant imagine that I spill a water directly to my UPS. As a result, the fault indicator in lights out. I try my luck to RMA it. The SC at first say that the item only covered for 2 years, but after I shows the website and such, he agree it send in for RMA.

I just brought a new UPS by the way as RMA process could take a long as six week. So I pick Right power, a China Malaysia company UPS. Cost around RM 119 for 800 VA. Pretty deal breaker. Im not investing an APC brand, which cost RM 160 for only 650VA? yeah I probably pokai by now. I also brought a new/ second unit of Masterplug brand extension cord  which pretty basic usage. But I like the build, solid and build in 6 gang power outlet, which it great.
The UPS. 3 years warranty on part and labor and 2 year for battery. Not bad

I like the built quality and the white color. Cost around RM 55


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