elo. Sori sbb blog bertarikh 30 jun lom siap agy.

Blog ini sy post pkai hp. So agak pelik sket erk.

Ari ni dpt org bru. Whatever she just know me, it doesn’t matter. The important is, my chance to get her will bigger even she said pmr getting closer. Yup, when someone leave us, the new one come. Sometime, our life is fair, right?. Althought sometime, bad situation happen to us.

We are human, everyone attract who person they want. Sometime, we can’t ran away from falling love with someone eventhought we not perfect at all. But no body perfect right?

When we like someone, we will do anything to him/her. Just like ‘ABCDEFG’ A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl. But love is hard word for everyone. It true, how long you can stay with the same people all time? Feel bored right? But for me, the important is, if you want to feeling in love, loyalty is very important. Don’t judge people from their face. Only stupid people think like that. So, make a change. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch a wind. Accept the challange. And you will get the answer.

*sorry for grammar mistake.

Tk tau apa mimpi tulis ni

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