before being my day…the are one fact about Tyre…
what the benefit if u use larger rim?
my personal quote
“poyo je oo..dh lah x leh langgar lubang…bwk ramai2 pun x leh*

so to day , my family n i go to Ikano…
just walking around,windows shopping and buying crocs for my sister..(well, not for her only)
as usually.me,my bro and my sis walking toward Ikano damn fast..
until one time..i asked, “ehh,maner mak ngan ayah?”
then my sis said, “tu haa…jln lmbt sangat, nk dating pun jln arr laju2”
damn weird sentences ..haha, after buying crocs for my bro my mum and sister,(im only got jibbitz 🙁 )
go eat at Ikea restaurant ..
well, order kek lah,drink,matball,blabla…
(sibok je tngan tu)
this my weirdo pic,as well my parent..haha

this is my sister present
from left*dora and moomoo*

Crocs collection
from top to botton,from letf to right,
*my bro,mine,my mum,my dad and my sis…

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