clean up room…its being important nowday..since there have people who
renovate their house recently ..haha

now…a things to be show

DSC_0003 [biasa]
say hello to sipahh..it s straw actually…make you drink milk more delicious

DSC_0004 [biasa]
actual product are like this.. 1 packet contain 5 this..

DSC_0005 [biasa]

those who concern about halal status..yeah..its halal
made by muchis
“i dont but non halal product…take note that..haha”

DSC_0006 [biasa]

1st, all you need is a milk. i don’t know whether other dairy product can be used

DSC_0007 [biasa]

pour a milk..haha i know you can do this,even without parent supervisor

DSC_0008 [biasa]

the straw look like this..yeah

DSC_0009 [biasa]

after that..suck it up..haha..try it..

I brought it at JJ Maluri, which is cost RM 2.99 each(packet)..yeah

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