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Journey to Grand Lexis, PD

This is my first time stepping into the so-called-water-chalet-or-indoor-swimming-pool. I booked through Agoda, where price shows isn’t actually the real price (pricey).

Stayed for 2 days and cost around RM800 inclusive freaking service charge and government damn funding.

So before heading toward, stop by on Cendol Bakar (where bakar isn’t burn, its the people name) DSC_5164DSC_5165
The cendol and I purposely forget the food name :p


During the journey, I wasn’t using PLUS expressway, instead I using the old school road, crossring the old Sepang road until Pekan Lukut. The distance is short compare to expressway.

And yeah stopping for lunch 😀 (and yet I forget the name, because I forget to check in)


Now I made a very simple comment on the Grand Lexis hotel. I wont write any review because there’s a lot review on the internet as well. Ehehe


My family booked Garden Exec room ( with breakfast) and suprisely the room are enough for 6-7 people in one time

Here’s my opinion regarding the room

At first I found a some sort of nail on the bedside. Its quite dangerous if you sleeping without pillow and didn’t realize.

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Stationary is given for free. Both male and female 😀

The swimming pool. and free buoy included haha

he good thing here is you own a private Access point on your room. So if you bring the laptop, bring the LAN or RJ-45 cable as well for faster internet ^^
IMAG0392 IMAG0393
Iron and hair dryer included

Also tea sachet are ready ^^

And the overview of the kitchen plus writing table. There’s fridge, kettle and over 😀


So I willing to come back, if there’s enough fund next year hehe