Pineng PN912 16800 mAh Powerbank

*Please note this is not full product review. The review I made here is based from personal experience*


Powerbank, where power on the go. People nowadays looking for power sources rather than love.. ehh?

okay let move on.


Yoobao,Liili, Mipow, blabla are well recognise brandfor powerbank.

Pineng is newly available powerbank in Malaysia.

The box are bigger than than iPhone box

Pineng have several sibling product depend on your power need from 3000mAh to 16800Mah. Please  note that this the highest mAh among Pineng. Heavy till you can throw it to dog, then dog comma.


he back of the box. Nothing much you can read. There’s marketing statement that you already know.

The best thing is this box pre print the serial number and also genuine sticker so that you can check online for legitimate

kay, this is what I talking about.

It will check whether the product are genuine, or has been check twice ( to prevent serial number being copy)

nce you box the box, taadaa.

It comes with black, silver, gold and cyan-blue-turquoise like colour. I love the product finishing. No plastic feel. solid metal feel.

omes with 2 usb output that can provide 2.1 amp and 1 amp.

Also comes with touchlight function and digital indicator 😀


utput and input details. Sorry I cant understand mandarin, ehehehe


omes with variety of useless port, haha. I suggest you use your own cable to full-field you sanctification.


Overall, the powerbank is heavy, solid build, great finishing, long long charging time and affordable price.


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- September 29, 2013

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