Texas Chicken Malaysia Sri Gombak


Ever heard about Texas Chicken?

It is basically same concept as Popaye. but unfortunately, the Popaye close, and close and disappear in Malaysia.

Main dishes is chicken so don’t expect beef or mutton here, ha ha, please laugh, I make a fun of it.


So this is the menu. With plenty of choice to select of.


One that I love this fast food restaurant is they use TV to promote their menu, so it’s very eye catching and there’s moving advertisement. hmmm


I went to Sri Gombak branch. So this is lower floor.

Free flow drink. One of the attractive especially to kids and me.

And this is my meal.  Spicier Spicy. Promotion meal. Love the chicken. Crunchy and juicy. Also serve with bread, a crispy bread that same as Popaye.

I would recommend to everyone who love chicken especially tight

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- October 27, 2013

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