Mountain Strawberry farm Cameron Highlands Review

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Welcome to the Mountain Strawberry Farm. More info visit here
Above are the maps to went there. To navigate easily, there’s only 1 road to reach it, Sungei Palas Boh Tea road. Before reach BOH, there’s signboard indicate the mountain farm.
Just be careful with the road. experience driver needed.


 just love this place. Before you enter, there’s a goat will greet you, mm-bekk.

resh strawberry everywhere. However, since their place are far from the town and main road, less people come here. So their strawberry left unpick.  haih, wasted.

DSC_3148 DSC_3147 DSC_3145 love this place. During my visit. There’s only me and my family and 1 family here. So its quite lonely but lovely place.

The bangla are friendly. He can talk malay and english, so dont worry. They also ( 2 people) can help you take a creative photo. Also you also can eat 1 or 2 strawberry on the spot. No lie.


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- November 8, 2013

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