Rodeo Steak House, Prima Sri Gombak Review

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This steak house, own by Malay.


o basically this restaurants concept is simple; to provide cheap steak to it costumer. Seriously dude.

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The environment is quite nice. Cool and cosy. Their service also fast, compared to HR Streak House located at Kampong Baru,KL.

enu. Sorry for blur picture. ehehe


Quick summarize, the price are not so cheap. It just, ‘okaylah’



So when it comes to food quality, OMG terrible. I ordered T-bone stick and the picture above that I received.
Totally bone and tough meat. They serve me with slice of cucumber, cold coleslaw and slides of tomatoes.

I ask them to cook medium well, but unfortunately, no special instruction entertain.

nd yes, A lot people complain their food quality.

So my simple advise is, DONT COME HERE. kthxbye

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- November 23, 2013


  1. Steakhouse at sri gombak service mmg fail.. Aku dtg pukul 5 ptg order dan masa tu xde sorang pn customer yg ada.. Yg ada staff endon tgk lepak.. Tungu sampai la waktu berbuka puasa.. Lepas azan satu makanan pn xsampai.. Aku g tnya staff endon mana mkanan dia lg marah nk marah2.. Mmg kecewa la n Mmg last la aku pegi tmpat ni..

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