De Idaman Chalet Review

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De Idaman Chalet, located at Teluk Senangin Beach, near Lumut and Pangkor Jetty. You may know the place, so lets check it out.

DSC_3515 (Large)

Main Entrance.

DSC_3516 (Large) DSC_3514 (Large)
So this is how the Chalet look alike. The chalet located at the end of the road, so the chalet are easy to spot.


DSC_3517 (Large) DSC_3518 (Large) DSC_3519 (Large) DSC_3512 (Large)

View from inside of the chalet. There’s small field, office and chalet. DSC_3524 (Large) DSC_3513 (Large)


There’s extra parking lot at the back, a shower for chalet guest and office. Beside office, there’s fridge, stock with soft drink and chocolate cake but of course you need to pay.


DSC_3527 (Large) DSC_3526 (Large) DSC_3525 (Large)

Summarize room available in the chalet. I forget the room type.

One of the reason I stay here because my family having a family day. Since the chalet also have their own kitchen and hall (rental apply), its a good deal to have a family day over here,

DSC_3520 (Large) DSC_3521 (Large) DSC_3522 (Large)

Small hall and kitchen. Fully equip with fridge. You can even cook here.
So here comes the Pros and Cons

1. Great value for family gathering or family day
2. Kinda friendly staff
3. Cleanliness. There’s a handyman, would take care of the hygienic aspect
4. Less than 2 minutes walking distance to beach
5. own parking lot

1. No data cellular line. It means that you still can received call and sms, but internet connection, whether digi celcom or maxis are very weak. You need to walk to the beach to get 3G signal from Pangkor Island.
2. Water level problem. Some unit might suffer temporary disconnected water supply in order to fill up the water tank. Only double storey chalet are affected, Rest are none.
3. No dedicated Astro service but only centralize.
4. A bit far from convenient store

I would recommend this chalet for those who in budget but need much holiday near beach. The staff and owner are friendly and you may received a good service from them.

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- February 4, 2014


  1. We stayed at de idaman chalet a few years ago. The chalet in terms of cleanliness was ok by malaysian standard, but there were a lot of flies. The beach to our horror was so dirty. Rubbish were thrown everywhere. There was no rubbish bins visible. There was a spot where people just threw and burned rubbish near the chalet. Typical of village life but not suitable activity on a beach. We spoke to the chalet manager who told us that the local council was responsible for providing amenities. We suggested to him to make an investment of providing rubbish bin at least and not relying on slacked local council. Cleanliness affect the area. We hope there is improvement now. If you want to do business, you need to look after the environment. We never went back, to us there is nothing worthy of visit.

    • I see.
      I saw it too. However during my’s better that I expected. Let’s hoping that the place is getting better.?
      Thank you for your command 😀

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