InPost Malaysia (Malaysia Parcel Locker)

Have you heard about InPost Malaysia? nope?
InPost is actually origin from Poland and came to UK and expend it service to Malaysia.
It basically a locker service for parcel. Okay here’s the boring bit.

Traditional way on how courier send you a parcel

its look easy but how if the receiver is not in house or going somewhere? You will receive a frustrated note, tell that your parcel is in local courier sender and need to resend back or do another second delivery.
Furthermore, you never know what time exactly your courier is coming to your house. They might say ” parcel is delivery” but you never know when it will reach at your house. Waiting for  courier is painful, especially Poslaju    opss.

More info or demo or free trial, you can visit directly at InPost Malaysia

Here are my review on the InPost MY service.

Two days before, I received an email form the InPost, indicated that my parcel is received by the InPost itself and will be deliver on my nearest locker

And today, I receive both email and sms from Inpost, told that my parcel is ready to be collected ^^

Photo 8-20-15, 12 53 20 PM

I feel so exited and quickly went to Tesco Ampang to locate the locker, hehe.

Photo 8-20-15, 12 13 12 PM
So here are the Locker parcel located at Tesco Ampang. Its big.

Photo 8-20-15, 12 13 30 PM
After select languages, it ask for QR code. However due to bright and sunny day, the machine is unable to capture my QR code on my phone. I opt for enter my phone number instead.

Photo 8-20-15, 12 14 36 PM
After enter the phone number and the  unique code, tadaa, there will a sudden cabinet opened.

Photo 8-20-15, 12 14 32 PM

Yess. My parcel is no there 😀

cephalexin and amoxicillin

The locker seems strong and secure.

Photo 8-20-15, 12 15 14 PM

After close the locker, you can request for a receipt. Sample shows above.

Photo 8-20-15, 12 38 41 PM
The parcel is basically send by the iSIS Delivering Happiness (IstoreIsend)

Photo 8-20-15, 12 42 13 PM
Okay InPost Malaysia. The Tard are delicious and I expected to received more tard or goodies from you soon haha just kidding.

Thats the short review on InPost Malaysia Parcel service. And Yes I would definitely recommend to my friend and also use this service again and again and again.

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- August 20, 2015

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