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WP_20130811_021First time review. Haha.

Now I gonna to write a review about the City Homestay, Ipoh. Located at the Taman Taufiq, Ipoh. City Homestay is perfect for those who need a home environment while they outstation, or just wanted to live other people house.


Original Address.
4, Hala Rapat Baru 26, Taman Taufik, 31350 Ipoh, Perak

Contact Person
019 5793131, 019 5713131 Office: 05 3131020 Fax: 05 3130020

All info are valid as I write the content. You May visit their official blogspot at


I went to this place during 1st to 3 rd hari raya 2013. So you could imagine how full other hotel it’s.  This homestay concept is like, ” you and your own world” .Mean you can rent a room instead of whole house. So I rent small deluxe room, at cost of ..err I forgot.


So this basically the main entrance for your Homestay.

ain Hall

Free desktop use, with internet access
ining room


tairway. There are 3 room upstair and 1 downstair

WP_20130811_015 WP_20130811_013 WP_20130811_012
o this is the master bedroom for this deluxe house. Consist of King bed, a tv and necessary thinggy.
The toilet are equipment with water heater, unfortunately, it’s malfunction during my visit.


WP_20130811_011 WP_20130811_010 WP_20130811_009 WP_20130811_008
econd and third room. Slightly smaller than the master bedroom. Picture tells everything.

WP_20130811_007 WP_20130811_006


WP_20130811_003 WP_20130811_004
ast room at downstair.

To be honest, I like to stay here because of it’s modern facilities and also had been installed with WIFI since Dec 2012. Unfortunately, malfunction water heater a bit disappointing me 🙁

Its good if you wanna to have a home environment during holiday or just want to live other people house with hotel concept.



Any comment would be appreciate.

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- August 28, 2013

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