Restoran Warisan Sambal Opah

Alright folk. Its time for food review. I will review the Nasi lemak Restaurant, somewhere on Subang.

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o its just basically restaurant that sold Nasi Lemak, with add-on dishes. I wonder what special about this place. Let’s find out.


o basically you need Q or self service. haha

This is how the self service look a like. Your Nasi Lemak will be pack and you have variety of dishes. Nasi Lemak= RM 1

WP_20130825_009 WP_20130825_008
Some of the dishes. Famous dishes are Ayam goreng rempah or friend chicken with spies .

ample of my dishes. haha

nd here is my food. Additional friend chicken and Fried egg.

What my opinion about this restaurant?
Just OKAY. haha the reason because the nasi lemak itself consider cheap BUT the dishes are freaking expensive. For 4 person, I ordered 5 fried chicken, 4 fried egg, 4 drink and 7 Nasi Lemak, cost around RM 52. Well, it might consider so-so price range since the restaurant located at subang, you know, high rent, over rated. blabla bla. haha

I will recommend this for Nasi Lemak lover. I would come here back, if someone treat me, haha.

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- August 28, 2013

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